Music Monday: Samantha Ronson’s Music Picks for the Spring ’12 Runway

Track One: Barton Hollow — The Civil Wars

Download Samantha’s full Charlotte Ronson Spring ’12 Runway Mix here.

Sound Style: Frances Bean Cobain x Hedi Slimane

Music has always been a major source of inspiration for me in my collections. Lately I’ve been drawn to grunge—and everything that surrounds that time. Naturally, Nirvana was an influence in my Spring 11 collection, and Francis Bean Cobain ended up in some of the details. These photos of Francis taken by Hedi Slimane have been all over the internet—and it’s fairly easy to see why. Francis looks incredibly beautiful and thoughtful, and Slimane is able to capture so much while just letting her be natural. I’ve added a few of her childhood pictures into the mix.

Music Monday: Black Lips—Modern Art

We’ve always loved the Black Lips, and were particularly excited when Mark was asked to produce their sixth LP. The result is a 16-track record that sounds exactly like the Black Lips should sound— with Mark being very careful not to change what he calls their “lo-fi garageness.”  Today we recommend “Modern Art” from the Lips’ sixth album, Arabia Mountain.

Sound Style: Florence & The Machine

Florence Welch— the Flo in the band Florence & the Machine— is a great performer, certainly. But in addition to her vocal talents, her addictive album Lungs, and her off-beat but infectious songwriting: we haven’t seen anyone look this right in head-to-toe Victorian lace since Stevie Nicks. Both her sound and her personal style exude an edgy, slightly bohemian vibe. A sparkly cape on anyone else would seem ridiculous, but Florence adds just the right amount of wit and whimsy to her look, making a dramatic vintage costume seem laid back and authentic. Observe:

Music Mondays: Amy Winehouse— Valerie