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Things We Heart: Dani Stahl (& Charlotte Ronson) on Scouted!

Two things we love about E!’s new show—aside from the fashion? One, it features our favorite person- Dani Stahl- as the image & style consultant for One Management, and two: check out the Charlotte Ronson Spring 2012 runway in the opening credits! You can also see the show in the sneak peek video ( around :52) above. We’re pretty sure Dani had something to do with it. (We’re pretty sure she’s wearing Charlotte Ronson x Sephora A Perfect Kiss Lipgloss in her bio photo, too.)


Image and Style Consultant

As the style editor-at-large at Nylon magazine, Dani is a leader and icon in the fashion world. Her monthly column “Factory Girl,” documenting her travels to different fashion factories around the globe, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Nike, has gained a tremendous following over the past few years.

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Charlotte’s Holiday Decorating Tips

“I love holiday decor that is as meaningful as it is festive. My family and I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas — always making tradition a focal point for both. We tend to celebrate with a lot of the English things we loved growing up. We have a tree and we pick up our favorite Christmas stockings from Tea & Sympathy in the West Village. They’re filled with the best Cadbury chocolates. We also get Christmas Crackers every year to decorate the table — they are crackers wrapped in a twist of bright paper and hold little toys or paper crowns inside. I also try to be thoughtful in every gift I give, down to its wrapping. I always prefer visiting fabric trim shops, such as M&J Trims, over buying wrapping paper and ribbon in bulk. I like using beautiful lace, velvet and printed florals, plaids or embroidered ribbon to give each gift a special finishing touch.”

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Charlotte’s Diary: Samantha Ronson on iTunes Today!

My sister Samantha’s album just came out on iTunes today!

Please check it out and pass it on!

x Charlotte (proud twin)

Here is the link:

Hey Sister — on NeverWood High!

Loving this post on NeverWood High—”a high-school themed online magazine where the young public is able to participate in every facet of the magazine business, from photo shoots to publishing articles, sharing trends, styles and future fads”— by “Principle” Carlos E. Lopez.

Having a best girlfriend who is like a sister is pretty cool. But having a sister who is actually your best friend is mind-bogglingly awesome.

The mood

Candles were flickering, wine was flowing and the sound of familiar hellos and double kisses filled the air.

The celebration

The launch of Charlotte Ronson Beauty for Sephora at Il Sole in West Hollywood (late August).

… and there they were.  Stylish, confident and in pairs.  The sisters of the evening who complemented each other more than the designer bags that draped their arms.

It was the ultimate family affair full of sisterly love.

All I’m saying is…

Where are all my brothers at?

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