AriZona Beverages 20th Anniversary Flavor Tasting

Arizona Iced Tea is holding a nationwide taste contest in search of a new flavor to put out in honor of it’s 20th anniversary. There are 3 new flavors in which to choose from, based off of classic American desserts: Cherry Lime Rickey, Chocolate Fudge Float, and Orange Cream.

The one that intrigued me most was the Chocolate Fudge Float. I had never heard of a carbonated chocolate drink before and curiosity drove me to try this one fist. The drink was sweet and lightly carbonated and although this flavor piqued my interest initially, I was left unconvinced.

Next I tried the Orange Cream; I thought it would be a smooth transition from the Chocolate Fudge. The taste was light and creamy, which was surprising for a tea. It instantly reminded me of summer – eating orange creamsicles. A bit too sweet for everyday.

Last I tried the Cherry Lime Rickey. The flavor was a perfect blend of sweet and sour and the slight carbonation was really refreshing. Cherry Lime Rickey was easily my favorite.