Hey Sister — on NeverWood High!

Loving this post on NeverWood High—”a high-school themed online magazine where the young public is able to participate in every facet of the magazine business, from photo shoots to publishing articles, sharing trends, styles and future fads”— by “Principle” Carlos E. Lopez.

Having a best girlfriend who is like a sister is pretty cool. But having a sister who is actually your best friend is mind-bogglingly awesome.

The mood

Candles were flickering, wine was flowing and the sound of familiar hellos and double kisses filled the air.

The celebration

The launch of Charlotte Ronson Beauty for Sephora at Il Sole in West Hollywood (late August).

… and there they were.  Stylish, confident and in pairs.  The sisters of the evening who complemented each other more than the designer bags that draped their arms.

It was the ultimate family affair full of sisterly love.

All I’m saying is…

Where are all my brothers at?

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