Hello Giggles Item of the Day: A Perfect Kiss in Sophia

BFF Sophia Rossi chose her own lip gloss as the item of the week! A producer and one of the founders of Hello Giggles, Sophia is incredibly fun and creative, and the Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Kiss Lip Gloss creamy-coral shade fits her personality. Here’s what Sophia had to say about using herself as a lip gloss:

Guys, I don’t want you guys to feel weird about this, but I am lip gloss. I am the only makeup item I tend to wear! My BFF Charlotte Ronson started a line for Sephora (big time)!

I sorta wish my lip gloss smelled like a fruit but I guess it’s time to be an adult and wear real lip gloss. I am really honored to be a lip gloss.

What is your favorite lip gloss from growing up?

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