Charlotte Q&A: Looking to Spring 2012

It’s not the easiest thing to do when you’ve only just resigned yourself to digging out your winter coat (albeit, this unseasonably warm NYC weather has given us a reprieve) but designers are always looking ahead. With the sample sale just around the corner, we’ve asked Charlotte to fast-forward through winter, and give us her take on her Spring 2012 collection.

1. What is your inspiration for this collection?
The Spring ’12 collection is a modern take on the evocative 20′s, the demure detailing of the Victorian era, combined with the patch workings of denim taken from the restless grunge decade.

Charlotte with a few of her muses in LA

2. You’re asked this question quite a lot, but we’ll ask it again for good measure: Who is the “Charlotte Ronson Girl”?
I always draw inspiration from my friends and family, so there is no one “girl” exactly, but I do design with a city girl in mind: a girl who is always on the go and needs easy, wearable pieces that are versatile but also unique. She doesn’t try too hard, and looks for pieces that are comfortable and laid back, but with a bit of an edge.

3. If you had to define just one item that you see as absolutely essential for spring or summer, what would it be?
The must have item for Spring 2012 is our signature “Army Jacket.” We always try to take this classic piece and reinvent it to match the overall mood of the season. This season we have re-created it in color blocked denim, mixing 3 denim hues together- indigo, washed denim and Victorian denim— for a unique palette that reflects this era of grunge we’re exploring throughout the collection.

Spring 2012 Looks in a Row

4. How can women achieve effortless chic without dressing up too much?
I think that an effortless look is one that transitions from day to night—it’s about having the ability to mix and match different pieces that are both casual and nonchalant, but in a thoughtful way. It’s  all about layering to create a look that’s feminine and cool—but not too girly.

A few of the girls who embody the effortless-chic look in Fall 2011

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