Beauty Muse: Alexia Niedzielski is A Perfect Mess

“I’m really all about undone chic, I think it is more modern. Coco Chanel has always been my style inspiration.”

Yesterday’s Who What Wear issue had us fixated on Alexia Niedzielski’s perfectly “messy” look and effortless style. The Parisian photographer is WWW’s Girl of the Month—and she’s the perfect muse for A Perfect Mess Beach Spray. “If you love Niedzielski’s perfectly tousled waves as much as we do,” WhoWhatWear noted, “then you’ll definitely want to pick up Charlotte Ronson’s A Perfect Mess Beach Hair right away. Trust us, this bottle works wonders! Spray it through your wet or damp locks, and the expert formula gives you instant texture, waves, and a natural shine, so you can have that free-spirited, back-from-the-beach hair all year long-yes please!”

It’s not easy to look both chic and undone at the same time, but judging from these images of Alexia currently clipped to our “A Perfect Mess” digital inspiration board, this seems to be an innate style sensibility. Check out a few perfectly undone looks from our beauty muse below.