Beauty Notes: A Perfect Pony with A Perfect Mess!

We’re not exactly hair experts, but we do know how to create perfectly messy hair. Style Bistro was keen on  Rebecca Breeds‘ playful and punky ponytail, and gave some tips on recreating the super-natural look— using A Perfect Mess! We broke it down for you!
1. Begin by creating texture or activating natural waves. Spritz on Charlotte Ronson Beauty A Perfect Mess Hair Tonic. Use a curling iron to curl random pieces if you need a little help. Or try going to bed with wet hair for a really natural way to bring on the texture.
2. Next, backcomb hair through the crown, draw out  a few face-framing strands and pull tresses back into a ponytail. Make sure to maintain volume through the crown and not secure the ponytail too tightly.We back comb, then spray more A Perfect Mess, let it dry for a few seconds and back comb a bit more for hold.
3. To finish the look, backcomb the ponytail and mist the whole ‘do with a little hairspray. If your hair is limp: skip the hairspray and stick with more A Perfect Mess: it’s lighter and wont weigh hair down!