Charlotte Ronson Backstage: Join us Backstage at the Spring 2012 Show

Receiving a confirmed show date makes it official : It’s nearly time for New York Fashion Week. Our Spring 2012 show date  is Saturday September 10th, at 6PM on the Stage. We’ve been ramping up our support staff for a little help & added creativity to ease the madness of backstage, and we decided to open it up to our friends and social butterflies that are always creating interesting content, finding inspirational images, have unique style and sensibility, or are just fun to share the internet with. As we march into chaotic preparation over the next few weeks, we’re hoping to stay inspired by our social friends, and in turn, open up an opportunity to join us backstage on the day of the show. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Facebook: We’re sure you’ve uploaded plenty of images of yourself in your most stylish moments—share them with us! Tag us in a photo that best represents your personal style, how you might style a future Charlotte Ronson show, or any image that inspires you, or tells us a bit about your point of view. The image that inspires us the most will earn a spot backstage!

Twitter: What fashion “moment” has been on your radar lately? Maybe it was the outfit you wore on the first day of Grade School? It might be minimalist Amber Valetta in the 90′s? The time Naomi threw her phone at her assistant? Whatever your “moment,” Tweet is to @charlotteronson and hook it with #ronsonNYFW. Our favorite Tweeter gets to do their thing backstage!

Tumblr: We have a changing inspiration board of things #weheart that we’d like you to contribute to! Right now we’re all about Fall. Submit an image that represents what the season means to you. The best imagery will secure a position backstage.

You can choose as many or as few ways to get involved! Obviously brownie points might be earned if a bit of Charlotte Ronson is thrown onto an inspiration board. On September 6th Charlotte will choose one of her favorites from each category. Then we’ll get in touch and talk about ways that you’d most like to contribute. We’re sorry, but this opp is only open to ladies and gents of the New York City vicinity! (Unless, of course, you’d like to contribute from afar—Skypeing is always a possibility).  We cannot facilitate travel, lodging, or transportation at this time, so please make sure that you’re already planning on being in the City for Fashion Week!
We look forward to getting inspired!