Introducing My I Heart Ronson Collage Site and Blog!

Last night, after a rather busy day at the office (including taking over JCPenney’s Twitter all day), I hopped a plane to Los Angeles to have a chance to get on LA time before tonight’s I Heart Ronson party. It’s a small, low-key event (the kind I like best)—with bowling and my sister Samantha DJing— in celebration of, my new website and Tumblr!

Between designing my Charlotte Ronson and I Heart Ronson collections, the exciting Uniqlo Designer Invitation Project, and other upcoming collaborations, this site has been a long time coming. It has a “We Heart” section, a cool collage board where I can share images and Tweets that inspire me, and other people can collaborate on the collage by submitting things they love as well! Then there is the blog section, which is my new Tumblr. I am already accruing so many favorite Tumblrs, I don’t know where to start. It’s like having a virtual inspiration board….

Whenever people ask me what inspires me when I am designing a collection I always try to explain that I’m constantly inspired by everything around me—it’s never usually one specific thing. Images, people, quotes, a walk around the city—nothing is off limits.  I feel like the new site is a great representation of that, and it’s a way for others to share what inspires them as well. There are so many fun things we’ll be doing with the new site in the coming month—stay tuned! But for now, tell me what you think @iheartronson and start adding to the collage!

There’s a lot to celebrate tonight, and I’m excited to be with my sister and my friends—many who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. We’ll be tweeting and Tumblring from the event tonight, and I’ll share more tomorrow! XXCR