Summer 2005, Sanei International buys Asian rights to Charlotte Ronson and signs agreement with Charlotte Ronson to joint venture in the US. Sanei believes that the Charlotte Ronson aesthetic is perfect for the Japanese market and quickly opens stores there.

Feb 2006, Sanei Charlotte Ronson LLC (SCR) created in New York with Charlotte as chief designer and Aaron Nir as president. The decision is made to change the brand name from C. Ronson to Charlotte Ronson to reflect Charlotte as a more mature designer and to get away from the younger look to a more contemporary feel. In Feb 2006, Charlotte Ronson shows for the 1st time during NY fashion week.

During 2006, Sanei opens 14 Charlotte Ronson branded stores in Japan.

March 2007, Charlotte Ronson brings Lindsay Lohan to Tokyo for a fashion show and party

Spring 2008, SCR LLC signs a deal with Urban Outfitters to create “Play by C. Ronson” a less expensive diffusion collection to roll out at over 100 UO doors. It is a 7 month highly successful collaboration from September to February.

June 2008, SCR LLC signs long-term deal with JCPenney to create diffusion collection for them called “I Heart Ronson” for sale in 700 JCPenney doors and online at

September 2008, Charlotte Ronson shows at the Tents in Bryant Park for the first time.

October 2009, Charlotte and Aaron buy the Asian rights back from Sanei International and create a partnership called Charlotte Ronson LLC and Charlotte Ronson International LLC.

February 2010, Charlotte Ronson International LLC signs multi-year deal with MHC Ltd of Hong Kong to open 200 doors in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

March 2010, Charlotte Ronson Internationall signs a deal with The Wall Co. Ltd. of Tokyo to distribute Charlotte Ronson clothing throughout Japan.

September 2010, Charlotte Ronson opens first 2 stores in Shanghai and has her first runway show in China on the Bund in Shanghai.

November 2010, Charlotte Ronson opens first store in Hong Kong.

In 2011 Charlotte Ronson was inducted into the CFDA and launched the Charlotte Ronson Beauty line with Sephora.

In 2012 Charlotte Ronson launched the Charlotte Ronson handbag collection with Artisan House.